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Data retention

Today it's become a trend that web applications store data about their users without actually telling them about it. Here at Guerilla-DI we do it differently. We would like to tell you exactly what we store and why.

When you upload a file onto the server, here's what gets stored.

Job parameters

Obviously we need to know which parameters you have chosen for the conversion so that we can replicate them on our end.

Your IP address.

If there are hacking attempts we need to know where it's coming from. If we have the IP address this will give us a way to at least mitigate the damage. Also, it helps us see which companies are using Tracksperanto the most. Because we deserve to know.

The name of your browser

Users sometimes have issues with tracksperanto-web because they are using an old browser, or they are observing side effects of the features we are introducing. Knowing the browser being used helps us optimize the application for the current browser generations. Also, if you encounter a problem we already know which browser you use so we don't have to ask you.

Your e-mail address (only if you send feedback)

We need to be able to get in touch with you if you leave us feedback, so obviously we store your e-mail adress. We never give email addresses to anyone.

Your track file (if you encounter problems)

Tracksperanto has been long-lived because we have a huge test corpus. It mostly consists of files that we are able to collect through the web application. Normally, if your conversion succeeds and you do not leave feedback on it being incorrect, we remove the file you uploaded within a day, along with all of the generated converted versions. However, if you do hit an error we usually check what happened, and incorporate your file into our test suite. When doing it, we try to take care that:

When you are using the web version of Tracksperanto you agree to this practice, and you are confirming that you have no objections to your uploaded files being retained.

Tracksperanto 4.1.2 is a Guerilla-DI project.